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SMT Digital Marketing offer

Marketing Strategy

Design and implement marketing strategy to create sustainable growth to your business

Social Media Marketing

Grow your digital channels, attract an organic following and targeted marketing to your targeted audience.

Audience Analytics

Perform customer analysis to help you understand your customer psychology. Power your business with data-driven marketing.

SEO - Search Engine Optimize

Plan the right keywords and promote the right contents for your products 

Content Marketing

Create customized contents for your products. Attracting the right customers for the right products.

Team Training

Consult and teach your in-house marketing on current marketing best practices 

Web Development

Design website and landind page. Optimized for user experience

Marketing Automation

Design and Implement an Automation Marketing campaign.

Dịch vụ digital marketing trọn gói


  • Grow your business sustainably

  • Cost-efficient marketing investment

  • Flexible and Agile

  • Optimized for the best user experience


Havas Media, globally-renowed media agency, had chosen SMT Marketing Solution as their trusted partner. Our knowledge on Vietnam e-commerce industry had contributed to their success in this area.

Digital Marketing Manager, , Havas Media

E-commerce unit of Thế Giới Di Động had implemented our SEO marketing strategy. Mobile World is currently the biggest mobile retailer in Vietnam, with trillion revenue from modern trade channel.

E-commerce Business Develop, Mobile World JSC

The Infinity, deluxe apartment project locating in the center of district 7, had trusted us to design their websites. Our digital marketing solution had helped them find the right customers at the right time.

Sale Leader, Kepple Land Ho Chi Minh

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